The Manor on the Rega is located between Nowielice- known both in the country and abroad with the sport horse breeding and Białoboki, which according to historical descriptions were in the thirteenth Century nunnery of Premonstratensian.

Our complex is situated close to Trzebiatów, one of the richest in monuments city of Western Poland. In recognition of his great historical value in 1996 as one of seven cities in Poland was covered by the Ministry of Culture and Arts “Saving historic towns.”

Between the hotel and the centre of the town is a walking alley, which leads you to places rich in events of the past. Within the city walls have survived more than 50% of the historic buildings, which gives more than 40 historic buildings of the city ( They include Old Town Square with unique preserved medieval layout of streets, the town hall built at the place of a fifteenth-century Gothic building, the fifteenth-century Church of St. Mary with the viewing gallery, Sgraffito with the image of the elephant St. Spirit and St. Gertrude chapels, The Powder Tower called the Pudding Tower, the walls of the fourteenth century bridge by the Rega, penitential cross from the sixteenth century, the Palace in Trzebiatów (, etc.

The richness of the past, locked in the monuments is not the only attraction of the city.

Repeated cyclic calendar of events such as “Trzebiatów’s days”, “Reggae on the Rega”, “Neighbours”, or “Open air painting” attract tourists not only from Poland.

The nearness of Niechorze, Rewal, Kolobrzeg, Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje, Kamień Pomorski, makes that The Manor of Rega is a good starting point for many attractive places of the coast.
Mrzeżyno – the closest seaside resort through the wide sandy beaches and gently coast secure a lot of fun for tourists. The charms of this old fishing port and beauties of nature has been appreciated by the painter Lyonell Feininger in his landscapes. So many years have past, but beautiful, sometimes untouched beaches, estuary of the Rega, redolent pine forests and picturesque moorlands stayed unchanged. The beach in Mrzeżyno receives The International Seal of Quality – The Blue Flag.

The location provides opportunities for walking, jogging, hiking and biking tours and gives possibilities to those who want to associate with the history.